The best of winter be its frosty mornings, and dewy leaves, be it with or without sunshine! Each season has its beauty, as in our lives, in each decade, being seasonal too, brings new perceptions on what we already thought we perceived so well. We change. We grow.
At the heart of the writings of, ancient Daoist masters, it is said that to maintain a good health and a joyful state of mind, in what can be a hectic and challenging life, if we follow natures lead, and changes, we are sure to master the art of health and happiness.
As we stoke the hearth fire to keep warm, we also need to keep our inner fire warm. Our hearts emotions keep our emotional wellbeing full of love, which is joy, and so we find ourselves in the festive season. The warmth in the winter
Here and now we should find time to rest, before we set ahead for a new year.
Winter is the time to gather our physical energies, also our Qi, to refresh our thoughts for creative contemplation and focus, and to enjoy the best of this season.
How can we do this?
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Winter in Chinese medicine, is the Yin time of drawing in and gathering, after the Yang blossoming of the summer heat. and so, into the cold period. It is said we should nourish and rest ourselves in this time, allowing contemplation, even relaxation, and general nurturing of the Kidney energies (Qi), seen as the foundation of life and fertility, coupled with the Heart Qi to restore the vertical axis of Life. So physically and emotionally, with the willpower of the kidney Qi and the joy of the heart Qi we can be restored on all levels. Ready for a new year.
Enjoy the gifts of life and celebrate each day, has got to be the best way.