Letters to Yvette

Dear Yvette
Just a note to let you know that today I was a warrior and not a wimp! The day was successful and I grew braver as it progressed, and well, now I walk with a skip in my step. Thank you so much for your help. Tomorrow no doubt will be different but now I can take it good and take it well. You have really made a difference to my outlook. I normally turn and walk away, but this time I shall stand my ground with a smile.Thank you. Vicki H.

Dear Yvette
I am sitting at my desk thinking about how much I have loved working with you.
I have treasured the conversations, readings, and treatments I have had with you, and liked working on Mondays because it meant I got to see you more!
Your get-down-dirty-nitty-gritty well-like warmth and wisdom has been like an anchor for me and you laugh is like a shot of the best medicine!
With love. Rachel W.

Dear Yvette
Thank you for all your great work on my dodgy muscles, massage-wise. Also for your counselling, natural therapies and lots of laughs! Liesel D..

Dear Yvette
Thank you so much for this last year. You have truly touched my life. Please keep in touch. Previna B.

Dear Yvette.
Thank you so mch for all your support. I really appreciate you, and listen to your wisdom. I think you are simply marvellous! Susan S.

Dear Yvette
My headaches were cured by your acupuncture treatments and I have nothing but praise for that fine treatment! Thank you so much for your treatments that got rid of my terrible headaches. Mary K.

Dear Yvette
Just a quick note to thank you for helping me before my wedding. I managed to stay completely calm and said my vows slowly and clearly. We enjoyed a fantastic day!
See you soon. Catherine B.

Dear Yvette
On Saturday November 17th 2001 a big surprise party was organised for my 80th birthday. .....people came from abroad just for the day.... letters and cards have been received from many patients and graduates from all over the world...It was all more appreciated than I can put into words.
A big THANK YOU to you all for making this such a memorable day.
Dr. Van Buren