Yvette is currently expanding and developing aspects of interest in her studies and her practice, through her inner travels, and between the UK and Portugal . In finding the best practicle and healthy lifestyle choices in the most natural way, through this exploration, has given rise to daily solutions in a world of complex choices. The practicle and natural application of a lifestyle change can then can be a nourishment to our lives.

We are all unique. Enabling a lifestyle to journey inward, and of self development, is always a creative and challenging path, and a choice in itself. The world gets smaller, though it seems, never the less, that time is still elusive...and the pressures of course come and go.

However with the natural and rural lifestyle in Portugal , the Algarve , where this adventure takes place, it does give rise for a wonderful daily lifestyle experience, very different to the familiar urban life of U.K. and London. The reflection of natures philosophy needs to be shared.

On the blog you can find latest events and seasonal aspects, ideas and reflections on life. If you would like to share more personally, private U.K. visits are scheduled and under way, to bring some fresh inspiration to the city too. Bookings can be made in advance via email, or appointments can be made for on the waiting list, in the UK or Portugal.

Services include Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture, be beautiful from the inside to the outside. A traditional Chinese medicine Acupuncture treatment based in Stems and Branches theory, gives rise to inner wellbeing, enhanced and then expressed in our natural beauty. Preventative medicine is the best medicine. Medical Acupuncture is naturally incorporated in this treatment.

Also available, a wealth of lifestyle development areas, based in 3RD Era vibrational medicine theory.

Prevention is better than cure.

By appointment or referral only.

However, please note, Clinic  and home appointments in Portugal and UK are suspended during Lockdown safety measures 2021.

Please Email Yvette for updates on her Services of Acupuncture and Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture 2021, or to dicuss any query, or to speak to her personally, about anything.

Health is wealth.