Internation College of Oriental Medicine

Under the guidence of the late Dr. Van Buren at I.C.O.M East Grinsted, Surrey ,Yvette spent four full time years to study the three basic foundation theories and practices of the schools of acupuncture. These were T.C.M: Traditional Chinese Medicine: 5 Element Acupuncture, and Stems and Branches Acupuncture, for which Dr. Van Buren, founder of the college, was her mentor.This gave a broad platform of diagnostic approach and treatment application to choose from once she graduated in 1998.

Cosmic Healing Seminar & Training, Mantak Chia L.C.T.A 2007
Facial Revitalisation course Radha Thambirajah, 2 days Advanced Technique and Training

Audience with Lama Lopsang
Healing Sounds Workshop, Frank Perry, 1 day
Healing Sounds Workshop, Don Quantreaux, 1 day
Face Reading and Diagnosis Advanced Course, Lilian Bridges C.I.C.M

Face Reading Lilian Bridges 2 Day Course , Int College of Integrated Medicine C.I.C.M

Facial Revitalisation Training Course with Jamie Hedger L.C.T.A
Simon Lao Qi Gong Basic Training Course 1 Year

Celestial Clouds and Terrestrial Meters post graduate – Chris Bunkell and Peter Van Kerval; part –time course over a two year duration.

Day clinic Practice at The International College of Oriental Medicine
Daoist breathing - Bruce Kumar Francis, San Francisco

Certificate course in Japanese acupuncture - with Kiiko Matsumotto on Hormonal treatment in Gynaecology

I-Ching application clinically - Reading College. Peter Firebrace
World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies – Barcelona 1999
Stems and Branches in relation to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Pathology – Peter van Kerval.I.C.O.M.
Case Studies – Joan Duveen. I.C.O.M.

I-Ching application clinically - Reading College. Peter Firebrace
Stems and Branches in relation to Moon cycles - Peter Van Kerval.I.C.O.M.
Eight Trigram, Ten Stems and twelve organs - Peter Van Kerval.I.C.O.M
I-Ching in relation to Stems and Branches- Peter Van Kerval
Postgraduate Pulse taking course - Holland, Joan Duveen
Intensive Clinical training – Holland, Peter van Kerval

Dietary consultancy and macrobiotic cooking - Avaline Kushi
Japanese Shiatsu - Rex Lasalle
'Barefoot Shiatsu' – Shizuko Yamamoto

Oriental Diagnosis, part-time foundation course – duration of 1 year - Michio Kushi