As a fully licensed and registered member of the British Acupuncture Council (B.Ac.C.), Yvette Masure has previously provided alternative medicine therapies in London (UK) for 15 years. She now spends the greater part of her time developing herself, and her skills, often in the Algarve, Portugal where she lived the lifestyle she recommends: growing her own fresh organic produce and taking time to breath into life itself with Qigong practice and enjoying an active outdoor life.
A qualified acupuncturist from the International college of Oriental Medicine, Yvette applies ancient and proven principles of Chinese Medicine based in the Laws of Nature to aid your recovery from modern illnesses.

Yvette also studied eastern dietary therapies under the guidelines of Michio Kushi, and attended Shiatsu massage workshops with Rex Lasalle and Yamamoto in the 1980's.

30 years of experience and study, practicing a variety of alternative medical techniques and therapies, have enabled her to build a comprehensive and holistic view of treatment, which has become fundamental to her approach: this is to treat the person not the illness.