" In ancient times people who understood the Tao (the way of self cultivation) patterned themselves on the yin and yang (the two principles in nature) and they lived in harmony...." Yellow Emperor Classic of internal medicine.

In these modern days we too also aim to align ourselves with the great currents in the Cosmos, which are the seasons.

The Harvest Moon now passed, the autumn air now crisp and sharp for most, with morning dew, maybe even mists, reminding us of the magic of nature....

After Summer blossoming the yi draws closer; a time to begin introspection and letting go.. Autumn is here.
Turtles and Snakes, masters of conservation, endurance, and longevity. Especially in the Year of the Snake.
Be still in motion and response. Be centred before taking action. Be supple encountering hardships. The Snake can teach us.
Responding naturally, as we feel inspired, the colour changes of autumn, the leaves falling, the silloueted landscape changes...

This time in Chinese medicine is associated with metal energy or Qi: contraction ad gathering, and letting go of negative emotions, to prepare for the gathering and concentrated store now needed for winter. Autumn is a time to gather in many ways.
Associated in Chinese medicine with the Lungs and Colon, we gather and clear our emotions in autumn and let go of what we do not want for a better aspect in ourselves.
Just as the Lungs gather our essential breath, the colon releases the waste of our bodies.

The days shorten, and nature leads us to conserve our vital energies, to rest more, conserve for any hardships of winter we may encounter.
To lift our spirits as summer draws to a close, we can enjoy the new smells and the visual flurry and changes as we look at natures changes, and look forward to it. Each season brings its own magic.

NOURISHMENT Now is the time to nourish ourselves, especially our skin., being the largest organ of the body and related in Chinese medicine, to the lungs , and metal Qi of the season. Our skin breaths for us too.
It is time for Omega ich foods, nuts and seeds, celery, figs, Swedes and leeks, courgettes, kale, wild mushroom and white cabbage. Radishes, turnip, onions and artichoke, and anything pungent. Spice is nice, it clears. Coriander, garlic, fresh ginger: clear the nasal and lung passages, to breath deeper and get your energy rooted, you boost your immune system.
Get an exercise habit, or better still start Qi Gong . Its time to be stress free after a busy summer.
STRESS What exactly is stress? More importantly, how can we combat negative effects. Stress is the body's natural response to a situation – real or imagined, which makes you feel threatened or upsets your balance in some way. Often referred to "flight" or "fight".

When you change the way you look at things, things change.