Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger 2022

2022 is the Year of the Yin Water Tiger

Tiger energy is known for power, bravery and exorcising chaotic energy, so big changes are I the cauldron for us all, as we usher in the Water Tiger 2022 1st February - 21st January 2023, as the Ox year ends.

We also leave winter behind and enter spring time seasonal energies, thus tuning in to the Tiger spirit we can surely find an added assurance and vigour to our daily lifestyles. The Tiger is a giant, a King of beasts — and a powerful animal...and great success and desired achievements can be gained in this year.

Third in the 12 animal Zodiac, a cycle, the Water Tiger comes around every 60 years. Initiating new beginnings and a new Era. Endings always give rise to new beginnings.

The Geo-political climate changes are perhaps the most important to see right now. Economically speaking and climate-wise. Especially for two countries that can and should get behind it right now. The greatest danger being a geo-political storm, in which Beijing ramps up its aggression against Taiwan at the same time Russia does the same against the Ukraine. The worlds two largest (carbon) emitters need to address plans to decarbonise. Competition is now hardwired into the U.S China relationship, and the situation in 2022 caters to the inflexible approach. We need increased emergency co-ordination of economic policy with China.

Tigers are quick to action, so be prepared for situations to change quickly. Crazy dreams can become a reality. But tempers flare, drama and excitement reign. This can apply to personal relationships, career developments, and on a larger scale, political unrest or social revolution.

There is no middle ground in the year of the Tiger: great boons and wonderful luck, or getting easily burnt.


"Water is connected to sensitivity, creativity, being impressionable" Levitt explains. It is the strongest element — even stronger thank fire. Fear and indecisiveness are the negative attributes of emotional extremes that can mean chaos. For some the water Tiger wild emotions are liberating. The strength to take the risk. To do what you were always driven to do.

Most compatible with Tiger energies, thus likely to have a good year, are Horse birth years, Dog and Pig. Being most receptive to the years creative, wild and intense energy. Horse liveliness, Dogs idealism and Pigs courage. Therefore most likely to be rewarded for taking risks and see great fortune in everything from finance to travel to love, as a result. The least compatible to the years energies unfortunately being Rat, Ox and Monkey, being less comfortable with Tiger energy, that can bring unexpected problems. So be diligent, stay the course, and use conscientiousness in your work.

Health is wealth.

Live. Laugh. Love.

It could be an idea to hold tight to the Tigers tail, to get where you dream to go.

The Tims is right if so.

Be in the now and trust yourself and life.

It is for living, after all.

Enjoy what you can.

Panda Love.

Yvette x