2021 is the Year of the Golden Metal Ox.

The OX year follows the Year of the Rat, and closely linked, as the story goes...if you read the Horoscope of the RAT previously, and the tale of Chinese Folklaw. The Rat who hitched a ride on the back of the Ox to reach the finish line, in the race to determine the animals place in the line of Horoscopes..And  so we now find that even though we start with the OX year, the tail of the Rat still is active and lingers!

The Rat still is making trouble, but the OX is much calmer. Very much related to farming, and working, the OX is related to growing things, with hard work. Its a slow practice, to reap rewards this year, and patience will be required. More patience. Yes. Patience will become a virtue.

To achieve this we will need...to rest! And to...breath! Deep breathing brings strength..and slows us down! When we slow down we can rest more easily, and then we can restore.

2020  was emotionally exhausting..and mentally challenging so we need to rest and restore 2021. I say this also because 2022 is the Tiger Year..and that we will need all our energies for. Very different  energies to the OX.  So the overall look at this year is quite positive, to build and restore, to continue what already is the norm, slow but sure, in a managed stride. Balancing the work and rest, letting a natural flow grow, not a pressured race againt ourselves. With an easing of restrictions opening up later in the year, seclusion and security will be required in the first half, as found in small groups, socialising still having its limits. These constaints do encourage and allow us to review what proper behaviour actually is. The Metal aspect of the Year symbolising order. Yin allowing an easing , and opening up.

Order in our lifestyles, and a concious attitude to ourselves, and attitudes towards others.Building strength and restoring ourselves. As a metal over Earth year energetically, we also see a more peaceful and less stressful year, generally speaking. Slow progress, but sure. So its best to refine ad improve, rather than innovate.

Worldwide however countries will be involved with infastructure, as still not a great year for travel. And stockmarkets, business and economy will not have the same accuracies as before. Space and Technology boosted, but some restrictions as already seen on Social Media.

Beauty and grooming, also medicine, are big topics. All aspiring to be more professional and business like.That includes Alopathic and Alternative medicine , Vaccines and Food Therapy, also in the realm of natural medicines and therapies. A time to recover economically and our changing our lifestyles by getting more streamlined and healthy. 

 Environmentally I will say that in looking after nature we will then save ourselves. An energetically metal year relates to skin and the Lungs and large intestines. The air we breath must get cleaner. The food we eat more fresh and nuitricious. These ideals are growing in ideas socially, however we need to address that daily, to avoid an increase in inflamatory symptoms, that already are rising yearly.

Celestial sighs, sunsets  and cloud formation is a marker for air pollution.There could be more Vog: Volcanic  fog.Mother Earth looks after herself, but can we survive? We are the problem. We do need to rest, review, reset, restore , and regenerate ourslves. We need to realise the value of what we have and then find the securities we need, to be able keep moving forward.

And we will. Life is movement, and we are here to live and enjoy living. Take a deep breath, stand firm in the present, dream your dream, and allow yourself to change for a better future. 

Health is wealth.

Wishing you strength and vision, to everyone. The future is ours. Enjoy what you can. YvetteX