The Year 2020 is going to be a phenomenal year being the Year of The Golden Metal RAT.

This Year 2020 has special significance in Chinese culture for the reasons: Golden Rat appears once in sixty years and its occurrence is more significant in 2020 as it is coinciding with the completion of two decades of 21st Century.
Secondly, our fortune for the next decade will depend on how we set the Feng Shui of the current year 2020.
Thirdly, the energy structure of the Metal Rat year 2020 indicates, it could be a very harsh year otherwise, if we ignore how to safeguard our lives, homes, and offices against annual afflictions and harmful energies located in the center of the yearly Bagua.
However, knowing the location of auspicious energies in our space we can also enjoy the windfall of money luck in

Legend has it that once upon a time, the Jade Emperor - one derived from Chinese folklore - held a race to determine the animals that would represent the 12 Chinese zodiac symbols. ...
The rat, agile and quick-thinking, hitch-hiked on the ox's back, jumped off at the last moment and sprinted toward the finish line, thus securing first place.

The year 2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat or the Golden Rat.

This year is characterised as dynamic, intelligent and agile, but volatile. It's optimistic, but might lack expression, and is sensitive, emotional and stubborn.

In comparison with 2019's "slow but sure" Year of the Pig, this year will tend to fluctuate and probably be inconsistent.

However, being the first in a new 12-year cycle, the Year of the Rat will apparently set the phase for the next three to four years. ....

The sign of Yang Metal Rat is a ship traveling on the ocean. That implies that we need patiently wait for the time to arrive at the destination. It's a time to be well-prepared .The fully armed Rat is ready for battle.. The other sign of Yang Metal Rat is strong wind stirring up the water, or a potential hurricane.
Water does represent danger in the I-Ching.

In the balance of the five elements, the encounter between water and metal causes an imbalance. This might cause an imbalance in the human body as well.
The direct impact of this is how people's thoughts, emotions and feelings will be played throughout the year, arousing the huge risk of mental health issues, especially for the "most vulnerable" signs: horses, pigs and rats.

Ideally everybody should have a personal space at home to express one's self and to dissolve any built-up stress .
Thus, self-healing professions, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, even yoga instructors, are said to be among the ones to thrive in the Year of the Rat.
Focusing on healing oneself, should be a priority .This is because unstable mental health can lead to many other problems such as financial, career and romance issues.

As always we see the chance that people will ruthlessly compete for fortune, as they compete on strategies. People working in the field of accounting, finance, fintech [financial technology], e-commerce and IT will be given their best opportunities this year for "smart people" who make effective use of technology.

The need for hard work, diligence, perseverance and patience for all signs are again required.... remember that disasters come when people least expect them.

So maximize your activities in this Year of the Rat. Do not rush or get carried away by the situation, prompting you to over use your feelings, and be too sensitive. Create a calm and fresh atmosphere and do things that are less stressful instead.

Find your own flow and your own North Star.
Let it lead you.