Violence and Anger.

In the experiencing of anger in awareness, anger is transformed to joy.
To go into the problem of anger and violence, we must be completely vulnerable, open to the fact of anger and violence. If we actually, with our heart, see the nature of violence and anger, see the danger of it, we are finished with it. Then we are left only with a passive awareness which is by nature joyful. So if one observes violence and anger with all his being, anger and violence flowers in passive awareness. The flowering of anger is the withering of it, leaving the residue after observation as joy, which is our intrinsic nature.

The same process of observation is applicable to other human problems, such as greed and envy: with "ego" at their source. At the moment of anger we can hold on to the conscious aspect of the mind i.e. passive awareness, there is the observation of anger with still mind, and anger or violence reveals itself in all its subtleties. Then our mind is beyond violence.

Vital cause of human problems.

We must be aware of thought, emotion, feeling which compels us to think about ourselves.
We exist as beings at all times. Being is simple. Problems arise only when we identify with something we are not, and start saying I am so and so..
Thought creates problems, because it is born out of self-ignorance and identity with non-self. When such thought tries to set right the problems created by itself, problems are multiplied. This is obvious in our daily life. This is the main problem of humanity. Thought itself is a problem, it cannot correct itself. Unless we have a still mind, it is not possible to be aware of the working of thought. To have a still mind, we have to radically transform the way we are living. If we can live a life without conflict, it is possible to have a still mind. The ways of mind i.e. thought, will not be revealed by rituals, mechanical repetition of sacred words, or intentional meditation which is basically mental imagery, mental evolutionary methods. Thought should understand that it cannot deal with problems created by it in the psychological dimension. Out of that understanding, thought subsides and we have the still mind.
Our being is reflected in the still mind, then there is no identity with nonself and naturally there are no problems.
So thought is the main problem of humanity, and the way to live beyond thought is the still mind.

When we start the enquiry " who am I ", investigation on "I " is the point, not the meditation on an imagined spiritual heart centre. Meditation on the heart centre is a mental activity. There is no need to know with the mind where and what heart is. One can be aware of the heart centre and its real nature only by being it.

Excerts from : Arunachalam-Ramana Maharshi. The Art of Self enquiry.