2021 is the Year of the Golden Metal Ox.

The OX year follows the Year of the Rat, and closely linked, as the story goes...if you read the Horoscope of the RAT previously, and the tale of Chinese Folklaw. The Rat who hitched a ride on the back of the Ox to reach the finish line, in the race to determine the animals place in the line of Horoscopes..And  so we now find that even though we start with the OX year, the tail of the Rat still is active and lingers!

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The Year 2020 is going to be a phenomenal year being the Year of The Golden Metal RAT.

This Year 2020 has special significance in Chinese culture for the reasons: Golden Rat appears once in sixty years and its occurrence is more significant in 2020 as it is coinciding with the completion of two decades of 21st Century.
Secondly, our fortune for the next decade will depend on how we set the Feng Shui of the current year 2020.
Thirdly, the energy structure of the Metal Rat year 2020 indicates, it could be a very harsh year otherwise, if we ignore how to safeguard our lives, homes, and offices against annual afflictions and harmful energies located in the center of the yearly Bagua.
However, knowing the location of auspicious energies in our space we can also enjoy the windfall of money luck in

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Overall it must be said, the Year of the Yin Earth Boar is a prosperous year, filled with opportunity and advantages. As the last Zodiac sign in Chinese Astrology, it is also a time for us to consider a collecting, and bring endings, to things that have served their time in our lives .

Starting 5th February 2019 we look forward and head...

Yin Earth 己(ji) represents Earth, Land, small Mountains, flat land. In human body it represents the Spleen, the abdomen, the nose, Muscles, and Cells. Its color is Earthy, Brownish, and Soil color.

亥 (Hai) is Water. The animal sign for Hai is Pig. It represents Water, the seas, the oceans, waterways, the heads, and kidneys in human body.

With the state of the planet first and formost, to consider, and then our values  in life, of life, including our finances ...

Under the Year of the Boar there are many things that will and can flourish.

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