Overall it must be said, the Year of the Yin Earth Boar is a prosperous year, filled with opportunity and advantages. As the last Zodiac sign in Chinese Astrology, it is also a time for us to consider a collecting, and bring endings, to things that have served their time in our lives .

Starting 5th February 2019 we look forward and head...

Yin Earth 己(ji) represents Earth, Land, small Mountains, flat land. In human body it represents the Spleen, the abdomen, the nose, Muscles, and Cells. Its color is Earthy, Brownish, and Soil color.

亥 (Hai) is Water. The animal sign for Hai is Pig. It represents Water, the seas, the oceans, waterways, the heads, and kidneys in human body.

With the state of the planet first and formost, to consider, and then our values  in life, of life, including our finances ...

Under the Year of the Boar there are many things that will and can flourish.

 Under the Yin Earth Pig year energy , it is important to maintain balance all areas of our lives. Pig energy can be indulgent and greedy, so do try not to overdo, even a good thing, or give in to addictive behaviours..

However. According to Chinese Astrology 2019 is a great year to make money and a good year to invest.

It will also be a year full of joy, friendship and love, for all the Zodiac signs:an auspicious year because the Golden Pig, which it is, attracts success in all spheres of life.

Remember Health is wealth.
Balance work , rest, and play.
The Art of Life is in knowing when to be still and when to move...
The Yin and the Yang in the spirals of changing times, in our given lives.

The gift of life.