Following the Year of the Rooster we are now looking again at a new beginning.
The New Year of the Chinese Earth Dog begins on the second new moon after Winter Solstice 16th. February 2018.

I have heard that people are discussing the " 11 Year Gateway" of this recent January 11th Portal , for the year of 2018.11 is what is called a "master number" which has a very high frequency vibration that can help to create manifestations, faster.

So, 2018 is a "master year" as 2+0+1+8 = 11!

The whole year is a "master Year", so use this year to create incredible shifts with this more cosmic support, illumination and help. Connect to the higher wisdom.

Four steps to encourage you , in times of doubt , confusion or anxiety about your path, or the future, can be used:

* Get clear in your mind what you really want.

Take a moment to be still.
Turn off distractions Focus in and discover what you really want from your heart.
Then think about it and feel it coming true.

* Call upon theses energies through the portal.

Ask with deep passion for higher help , to make these dreams manifest.

* Feel and visualise it coming into reality.

Ask with deep passion for higher help, to your creative self and visualise how you would like your life to be.
Be modest and grateful though, a tree does grow from a seed.
Dream your dream for the greatest good, for this year.

* Take Action...on an idea or impulse that relates to your 11year vision .

After you have felt and visualised that creative vision, take any small active step , notice subtle clues to lead you forward into manifestation.. a phone call, create a bullet point list or take a walk in nature . ...
You will start to maximise the powers of the portal...You may focus with your minds eye , visualising , and practice doing so, do let your heart lead you!

Remember to use the stillness of deep breathing , the connection to your life force, to fill you with the breath of life.
It is the breath of love. Life loving you. Let the love guide you to your goals and dreams.
The portal is there.
Take the first step.

Health is wealth. Be well. Live the life you create. OM