Year of the Green Wood Goat 2015


So as we now should have jumped all the hurdles in the Year of the Horse, and we find ourselves on the last leg, up to the finishing line, no less, let's fill our hearts with joy in the knowledge and achievement of some great jumping!
The Lunar new moon and Chinese New Year day: 19th February, heralds the start of the New Chinese Year of the Wood Goat.
Joy: because we head towards this Spring Festival.
It is a time for celebration and for sharing, with family and friends.
Falling on the second new moon after the Winter Solstice, we see the transformation from Yin to Yang energy, winter to Spring Qi energy.
We say goodbye to the outgoing year of the Horse, and welcome the Chinese New Year of the Wooden Goat...
This New Year holds the promise of a greater sense of optimism, flexibility and progress and we should align ourselves to the cosmic rhythm and life signal of the universe.

Much more favourable times are predicted in 2015, as compared to the previous year, Based on the forecasted astrological events of the period the 2015 horoscope and the Year of the Wood Goat promise much more favourable aspects. The processes that have been unfolding and spreading chaos for the past few years are finally wrapping up; both political and economic situations in the world are starting to stabilize somewhat. It is believed that many people's quality of life is getting higher and the crisis that has been tormenting many counties for the past several years is finally promising to be over. In other words, the year of 2015 is a crucial one.

In 2015, which is according to the Oriental calendar is a year of the Ram (also year of the Sheep or Goat), one epoch is coming to replace another and the whole mankind have once again high hopes for the future.
Even though we have always been hopeful, and will continue to be such, this time the whole of humanity has a feasible chance to change the world for the better. It goes without saying, one would hope we would truly be deserving of the positive changes and we would be allowed to create the small paradise on earth that we dream of. It must be said once again, that there has never been this many signs and favourable planetary aspects confirming the positive nature of the upcoming changes – we simply can't ignore these signs!

There is newly gained faith in a more stable economic growth. In the Chinese traditional astrology 2015, as the year of Yui Wei or the 32nd year of the Green Wooden Ram (also Sheep or Goat), is allegorically represented as the period of a passing summer – the period of prosperity and wellbeing. One can come across the following wording: "The creative side of the Wooden Ram; its diligence applied to hard work ensures prosperity"... Let's agree, words like these don't leave any room for doubt when it comes to the future wellbeing.

Western astrologists, in their turn, confirm the positive nature of 2015 by tracking positive signs of the planets' changing aspects, and their position relative to each other. Various zodiac 2015 horoscopes highlight the overall tendency toward stabilization and general improvement; aided by several astrological factors at the same time.
So all in all we can take a beep breath and enjoy the fruits of our labours, and labour on!
Our breath is a gift. Health is wealth. Enjoy the art of living. Yvette XX

I add this article I found and embraced;and  also choose to share, from another perspective, of Yin and Yang;

Yin Wood Sheep which brings about a soft, gentle and feminine energy. Article from

2014, the year of the Yang Wood Horse saw a lot of dominant action, energy and transformations taking place but as the galloping horse begins to fade, the energy of the Yin Wood Sheep (or Goat) will take its place.

Beginning on February 19th, 2015- the start of the Chinese New Year, the energy is going to shift outward to a more inward state. This is because the energy is moving from Yang (outward/masculine) into Yin (inward/feminine).
Yin energy is very creative, intuitive and gentle. Instead of everything moving fast and abruptly like yang energy, yin energy gives us time to focus, get centred and take stock over what we have created so far.

The element of Wood returns this year too and brings the energy of grounded ness and understanding oneself on a deeper level. In fact, this wood energy complements the demeanour of the Sheep perfectly.
The Sheep symbolizes the energy of generosity, patience and peacefulness. The goal of the sheep is to create harmony and beauty within the home and family and is often considered to be the most feminine of all the Chinese zodiac animals.
Just like the horse, the sheep is extremely intuitive, the only difference is the sheep is a lot more emotional, and has more awareness to heal, nurture and tend to issues that are causing suffering.

This year will be about knowing yourself clearly and deeply, forgiving yourself, clearing past wounds and accepting who you are.
We are being called upon to nurture ourselves, our friends and family and to go after our desires with patience, love and kindness.
2015 will also ask us to shed our ego and will not favour greed, overspending or unconscious business practices. Instead, the sheep calls us to practice modesty, charity and to delight in the smaller, more delicate aspects of life.
The sheep will also guide us to tune into our intuition and emotional well-being while still being receptive to the emotions of others. She asks that we use our mind and heart to make decisions, rather than force and aggression.